See what Crafter's have to say about their own personal experience at a Pinned in the Lou Workshop.............


"As a self-declared "troubled artist" and one who would rather buy a craft vs make it, I was THRILLED with the chance to attend a Pinned in the Lou event!  Not only did I make a totally fabulous doormat, I got to catch up with girlfriends and meet new friends. I love that the craft is usable and displayable in my home. I was nervous my final product would look pitiful, but with the guidance and hands-on approach from the ladies of Pinned in the Lou, I loved the entire experience.  I will definitely be back to hone in on some new crafty skills! "

-Tracie Jones

"It was a blast -- very well organized, cost appropriate, a fun group of ladies and an all around good time with danishes and mimosas that were delicious. Parking was good too! I attended with my daughter and she had an equally good time.  I want to attend another workshop and I will."

-Peggye Wilson

"I LOVE Pinned In The Lou's crafting classes!!! Carolyn and Ashley are the best!! Can't wait to attend even more classes in the future!! My favorite class so far was the Pumpkin class!"

-Kristina Fallin